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    Welcome to Dear You, an advice column with a twist: instead of a newsletter giving advice to you, you give advice to the newsletter.

    An advice column with advice from different people with different backgrounds- it might just help you see the problem from a new lens- and you might just be able to solve it more easily.


    That being said, let’s get started! Today’s question for advice is: What can one do to become more successful?

    This is a tricky question, but something people of all ages seem to want to know the answer to. What can I do to attain my goal in a way that is beneficial to me?


    Here are answers from you!

    • “Don’t panic in a situation that’s stressful” -Kanchan Naik
    • “I view goals as checkpoints, so once you get to your goal you should get higher.” -Jocelyn Tao
    • “Don’t give into pressure from what other people think” -Ananya Venkatachalam
    • “Work hard. Don’t give up. Be determined and if you see a barrier, find a solution before you give up” -Anastasia Markova
    • “Define what success means to you, first” -David Weisgerber
    • “Start with small, attainable goals” -Nicole Thomas
    • “Go with the flow and don’t stress over everything. Be organized. Be resilient. Live in the moment” -Allison Phan
    • “In order to be successful, I think you really gotta understand what it is you want to achieve. Without fully understanding what you want you’re not truly going to know what steps you have to take to reach that goal, and if you just work at something blindly you’re really not going to end up anywhere at all, but once you realize what it is, you have to work hard every day- and not lose sight of it- and be focused. The rest will fall into place” -Smrithi Parakulam
    • “To be more successful, you need to actually pursue your dreams. Anyone could have a genius idea, but those that are successful are those that pursue those dreams or ideas without giving up. The biggest barrier between us and our goal is probably time management. Don’t be 80 years old and think back of all the times you have wasted. Use your time efficiently now and relax when you look back at all your accomplishments.” -Isaac Ku
    • “Make sure whatever you’re working at is something you’re actually passionate about so you can put your full time and energy into it.” -Claire Shin
    • “Be you. Sincerely. If you only follow what other people expect you to be, then are you really being you? Learning to be happy with who you are will let you start to control your own path in life.” -Randy Kim
    • “I would say you need to pay attention, whether it be in class or something not academic. For instance if I really wanted to be a mathematician, I should really pay attention in math class because not paying attention is the main roadblock to not being the best I can. In my opinion. But let’s say I wanted to be artist. I would need to really “pay attention” or in other words put most of my efforts and attention on painting techniques, watercolor, etc.” -Lenin Macias
    • “If you can be happy and be able to go to sleep at night comfortably, you’re already successful” -Shobana
    • “Be respectful to others” -Jared
    • “Work hard” -Erica
    • “Don’t procrastinate” -Ariana
    • “Make sure you specialize training in what your heart wants you to do” -Rick Costello
    • “Step out of your comfort zone” -Ria Mavinkurve

    Hopefully these answers from a wide range of people around Pleasanton gave you some insight on how you can be more successful in whatever you do.  Good luck, and stay tuned for next week’s question and advice!



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